The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Aux Womdantso

The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Aux Womdantso


DJ Aux Womdantso is one of the leading ‘gqom’ DJs and has been making a name for himself all the way from Cape Town to the world. He began his journey from a small town named ‘Nyanga East’ and manged to carry his ambitions to becoming a well-recognized industry DJ, that is endorsed by several brands.

How has being from Cape Town influenced you as a DJ?

As we all know Cape town is the last city in Africa and far from Johannesburg — the music industry of South Africa. So it has shaped my music to cater for a very diverse crowd and also taught me how to stand out from my peers and to work hard to be recognized by the masses.

How did your journey into this industry begin for you?

At first it was a hobby for me and my friends just because we loved music. We used to get together after school and, on weekends, play music for ourselves. When we saw that we can actually get paid for it and make a career of it, we never looked back.

What have you learned from being active for about 10 years in the industry?

Being active for more than 10 years has taught me to always stay true to the basics and also to evolve with time. I always innovate new ways to reach new audiences while keeping my loyal audience happy.

How would you breakdown the creative process behind your ‘MY Take’ EP?

The creative process for MY Take was very fun and memorable because on the EP I featured two different artists from Durban: DJ Lag and Madanon. Both of these artist have different personalities so during the time of making this EP I had opportunities to have get the chance to know them. When Madanon came into the studio, we were playing a beat and he didn’t hesitate; he wanted to jump on the beat without listening to the other beats. I can say his that type of person who just wants to work all the time. DJ Lag – the most humble guy – he came already to the studio with three different beats for me to work on. On some days the creativity was kinder, due to no stress of the admin, because at that time something I had to handle them myself because we were only a team of two individuals but I did enjoy the process.

With COVID-19 affecting the whole world right now, how has this pandemic affected your career plans this year, and how have you been staying positive during it?

This Pandemic has affected everyone in the world in a bad way, especially financially. On the bright side people got to spend time with loved ones and most importantly it highlighted the need to take care of your health. To me, at first it wasn’t easy because I was suddenly stripped of the thing I love doing the most; and that’s performing to the crowds. I snapped before I could drown in sorrow and I started having my live virtual sets on social media, then I got booked in various virtual sets including the channel O “Lockdown House Party” — that was a huge boost to my morale to do more and find new ways to generate more income because COVID-19 showed us how easy it is to lose everything.