The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Fort Noks

The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Fort Noks


Noks Zimu (aka Fort Noks), is a DJ that describes themselves as an ‘open-format’ DJ that is based in Cape Town and is a resident DJ at a few clubs in Cape Town as well as on the 5fm radio station. Noks has seemingly been able to extend her DJ sets all the way in Europe, through her partnership with ‘Monster Energy’.

How would you breakdown’Fort Noks’ backstory to those who are not familiar with who ‘Fort Noks’ is, and how she became the person she is today?

Fort Noks is a female DJ based in Cape Town, I used to work in the club industry for years as a hostess…being exposed to the industry and to DJs I grew a great interest in Djing and DJs Mark Akol and VJ Jonno taught me everything I know. I worked very hard and kept bothering my bosses at that time to give me a shot which they eventually did. I am an open format DJ so I am able to play everything but I have a great love for Hip Hop, RnB and Afrobeat. I went for a Monster Energy trip to Lagos Nigeria and decided stay longer to learn afrobeat from DJ Neptune which is why I play so much afrobeat now. Its been a great experience and I keep pushing , growing and learning more from my peers in the industry who are willing to give a helping hand.


How would you describe your growth as a DJ? And what kind of narrative will you be pushing through your sets?

When I play, I play for the people, I love to look and observe crowd thats why I pride myself in knowing every genre. I like my set to tell a story, I never jump in between genre, I give each genre each time to shine then move on. I like playing from nostalgia, songs you haven’t heard in a while at the beginning and new age towards the end of the night.
The more I play, the more I discover who I am.


COVID-19 really canceled 2020, but that has not stopped DJs and artists from adapting, how have you been dealing with the pandemic personally, and what are your goals for the rest of this year, and beyond?

COVID was a really difficult time for me because I was doubting the way I play because there wasn’t a crowd to ground me. I did a few online gigs and I am still on 5fm as a resident on the #ThheUncutMixtape and Sundays with DJ Loyd which was able to keep me creative. I am a traveling DJ so i do that alot. It makes me happy that the partnership with Monster Energy allows me to see the world and introduce a little bit of myself to the world. I hope to do more traveling and build my name as a brand across the world.
What is the one and most important thing you want people to know about ‘Fort Noks’?
I am strong and very unapologetic about who I am, hence the name “Fort Noks” my spirit is impenetrable and I work very hard to get what I want and become the best I can be. I am very pro female and I want to inspire other women to join this male dominated industry. Im not shy of hard work, I just need opportunity.


Great set over the weekend! What was your creative process preparing for your Sportscene Radio experience?

I did make a decision that I would play all the genres to showcase my skill. I preferred to take you down memory lane so everyone can relate and I also played a lot of South African Hip Hop because I feel like it is currently at great space in South Africa and we should look to showcasing that more.


What would you say is unique about the Sportscene Radio experience?

I was laughing with the Sportscene staff saying that I feel like there is a certain type of really cool, down to earth personality that you must have in order to be employed there. The energy and vibe of the experience is so great. Everyone makes you feel welcome and then your nervousness disappears, I appreciate being in a space with like minded people who are kind. Everyone gave me great vibes.


How was the set that you played on Sportscene Radio, received by the people in-store and online?

The people in store where really great. There where kids in hip hop mode dancing in the store and I got this message from someone online who said they where really skeptical but they really enjoyed my set and I should keep at it and they hope to see me live one day. Of course I feel like there is always room for improvement but that will come with time.
Thank you Sportscene for continuing to grow the culture of young creatives, your help, helps us take South Africa to the World.