The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Speedsta

The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Speedsta


Not only are you a DJ but a radio & TV presenter as well, how do you cater for all those different platforms and not burnout?

Everything I do pretty much inter links with each other, The one can’t live without the other. I present music on radio & TV so it’s Easy for me because I already am in the music industry as a DJ.

How would you describe your development as a DJ?

I would say my djing skills are the best they have ever been at the moment. I took sometime during the lockdown to really work in new DJ Sets. The Development happened gradually for me, from 2009 when I started to where I am now & what I have achieved as a hip hop DJ in this country. I can’t complain, I have been blessed immensely.

What have been some of the challenges you have had to face, or maybe still do, in your career, that have gotten you to this point?

I had to sacrifice a lot of my time with friends & family by always putting my career first. It was difficult as first but then I got used to it. I took all those years to lay foundation though, get my brand out there. Now that I have done that, I understand that I am no longer the new kid on the block. My career now is mainly about maintaining everything I’ve built over the years.

Congratulations on opening ‘SkateHub’! What inspired you to open your own skate park?

Thank you very much. I just felt like the skateboarding scene in Johannesburg kinda died out because there were no longer enough skate parks, So skaters kind of stopped skating. Skateboarding has always been my passion so I wanted to help the skateboarding community in some way or another. The first thing that came mind was opening a skatepark. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, it hasn’t been easy at all. But I’m working hard towards bringing the skateboarding community & excitement back into Johannesburg.

What is the plan moving forward with ‘SkateHub’?

We are currently extending the current space that we are in, The Plan is to have The Skate Hub as one of the official training facility for the Olympics.

What sort of preparation went into the set you played on Sportscene Radio?

I don’t really prepare my DJ sets to be honest. I just identified a few songs I wanted to play, Made sure I have clean edits of them all & then I basically just chucked about a 100 songs into a folder & mashed them up. I only used 60 of the 100 so if I had more time I was still gonna rock.

What did you enjoy most about your Sportscene Radio experience?

I loved how friends & fans from all over the country were sending me messages saying they are in whatever province in a Sportscene store & they are listening to the mix. That was super cool!