The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Uncle Party Time

The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With DJ Uncle Party Time


Why the stage name “Uncle Partytime”?

The stage name ‘Uncle Partytime’ was inspired by one of the people I looked up to at the time which is Okmalumekoolkat and also because of the oversized pants I’d wear that made me look like an uncle.

When did you start taking DJing seriously?

Only started taking DJing seriously in 2016 after being a performance DJ for uSanele (BOYZNBUCKS member)

How do you keep yourself inspired to do what you do? And where is your creative force coming from?

My current situation in life is not the best and that inspires me to do better.

We mostly see the wins and celebrations that go on around you but talk to us about the challenges you faced, or maybe still face today, that have helped you get to this level?

My biggest challenge this year was picking myself up from self doubt and healing from people that broke my trust, if anything I’m way stronger than I was when I started this year.

Talk to us about ‘Partytime Playroom’ and the creative process behind it. What made you feel ready to host your own event?

Partytime Playroom is a concept I’ve had in mind for almost 3 years now, it took a conversation with someone who is almost like a brother (TK Mogotsi) to convince me to stop playing it safe.

Any words of advice you could give to those kids trying to do what you do?

Not really the one to give advise but the best advice I ever got is to always believe in yourself and whatever you do.

What inspired the set you played for your Sportscene Radio feature?

Not enough local hip hop DJs are playing enough local music especially from the younger artists.

Briefly describe your overall Sportscene Radio experience?

It was amazing I had so much fun, seeing some families jam to songs they didn’t even know while shopping was so cool.