The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With Lesedi the DJ

The DJ Series: 5 Minutes With Lesedi the DJ


When did you realize you have a passion for DJing?

I realized I had a passion for DJing when I was 12, music has always been something I loved from a very young age.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

One of my biggest influences is PH, he makes DJing look so easy and he has so much fun with the art.

Do you have a standardized set for every gig on which you simply just adjust and curate the music accordingly to the crowd?

I adjust my sets based on the crowd I’m playing for, I read the crowd first then I’ll automatically know what music to play.

We are at ‘level 1’ as a country which means the people can go out and host events, but just a couple of months ago we couldn’t do that and what we would like to know is what we’re you doing to keep your spirits up during that time of being on a complete shutdown?

I made a series of mixes called the “quarantine” mix series and I kept on dropping mixes on Soundcloud and the reception I got towards those mixes was one of the things that kept me going and gave me hope.

We have been seeing a lot your solo gig guides, will be seeing you and FLAME on the road again soon?

Yes Definitely, me and Flame are still working together and we will be on the road more as time goes on.

What inspired your latest mix, for Sportscene Radio?

My sportscene radio mix was inspired by the people around me who want to see me do great , so I always strive to do my best to make myself and my family proud. It was a very good opportunity and I’m definitely looking forward to doing it again. The hospitality was amazing and the support that my family showed me was also a other highlight of the whole experience.