Sole Women S4 E3 ft Amahle – Imvelo Jaxa

On the 3rd episode of SOLE WOMEN powered by Adidas, we catch up with Amahle – Imvelo Jaxa. But you can call her Jaxx!

Dubbed the matriarch of Until Until, Amahle moved to Johannesburg in the pursuit of an education. Soon that pursuit was taken over by the creation of Until Until, a marketing & events company founded on a tennis court in 2013.

Until Until has since then thrown many themed events such as Pyjama Party, Bacardi Holiday Club, Genesis All Black & Sunday Roast just to name a few.

If she’s not curating our favorite Joburg party experiences, she’s putting on her entrepreneurial cap as co-owner at her restaurant establishment which has since grown as a favourite hang out spot for Johannesburg’s creatives.

As a leader of the new movement of culture Jaxx shares her formulae for young entrepreneurs who want to turn their love for culture and creativity into a business:

“When you are building something, you have to dedicate your time and efforts to it – that is obvious advice. They must look at their network, and see who in it can serve it and help them reach their dreams. They must not be afraid to ask for help or seek advice from the people around them. I couldn’t have built the business I have without constantly seeking the advice of my parents and peers.”